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    problem with graphics card




      apparently I have a quite similar system on my M6600

      with i7-2920XM processor, 16 GB 1600 MHz RAM,SSD SATA III drive and Quadro 5010M

      and, YES, I have observed the very same problems. Actually I also experienced some other problems:


      - the viewport in Autodesk Maya remains blank....this problem can be resolved when I disable the Nvidia support for Maya, a bizarre solution

      - the Windows desktop does not regularly actualize: files already deleted are still displayed and the background image chosen disappears once I

      opened some application.

      - the acclaimed support of two external diplays generates additional problems: in Photoshop CS5, I cannot see the images opened in any

      of the displays....this problems disapperas only when I return to one external display


      DELL offers an exchange of the graphic card, but I guess the problem has to do with some wrong sytem configuration.

      And I do not want to waste my time and their money for nothing.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8



          You clearly ahve a problem with your computer system that is beyond After Effects. If Dell is offering to exchange your graphics card, then I recommend that you take them up on the offer. We can't help you.

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            aftertesla Level 1

            First of all, I do not understand, why you seperated my problem from that of another AE CS5 user who had the same problems, possibly he/she is simply not running Maya on his/her machine...also it would certainly help that user to understand that he is not alone. Shifting my post in the way you did is unacceptable to me.


            Secondly, please read my post more carefully. To me, it seems to be rather unlikely that the Graphic Card causes the problems, but some configuration of the system.

            In this case, resolving the AE problem would possibly solve the other issues as well. This is my decision, please do not tell me what I have to do.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Graphics cards do cause problems. They can have bad machine level code on them or bad components that are not solved by updating drivers or firmware updates. It sounds to me like you've got more going on than a system config problem. If you have tried a couple of versions of drivers and the problem remains there's a high likelihood that the problem is a hardware fault. If Dell will send you another card then take it and give it a try. I can only understand your reluctance to take their offer if you must ship your system to them for repair.


              I can't speak to shifting your post to a separate thread but it looks like a similar but unique problem to me. Besides that, I never would have taken a second look at your post if it had not been put in a new thread. I read the original and had nothing useful to offer. Let's try and play nice on the forum.

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                aftertesla Level 1

                In the meantime I figured out that there is a conflict with a display driver "NtrigInterfacePressure.dll"

                When I remove it from the win/sytem32 folder all problems are solved.....without wasting more than $ 2000 of other peoples money by exchanging a sound Quadro Card.....as you guys recommended.


                Thanks, visiting this forum was an interesting experience

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Like I said, if you've tried a couple of versions of the drivers . . .


                  Without an identical system to look at or a complete list of drivers no one cold have solved your problem, but we did point you in the right direction. Glad you got it fixed.

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                    I have the same laptop and was also getting that N-Trig crash in After Effects.  Your solution of removing that DLL did infact work for me as well, so thanks!  Unfortunately, removing that DLL unsurpisingly kills the pressure sensitivity features of the pen input, so it's more of a workaround than a solution.  Either way, thanks for posting your findings.