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    Premier Elements 10 Plus Bugs/Issues or Operator error?

    Scott Zinda Level 1

      I have been using Adobe products for years and have never seen big issues or major bugs.  I have seen a few small bugs in Lightroom, but they were addressed quickly.  I am new to Premier Elements and only do light video work, so I Purchased the Elements 10 Plus last week and it is great when it works.


      But I have seen two major issues:


      1.  It locks up and freezes even when working with small files.  I have had .Raw photoshop files processing in photoshop larger than these video files and once some effects are applied, renderered or not the computer can crash.  My computer has never crashed once before loading this program.  It is a windows 7 workstation for photo and video editing only.  But I have been OK until it started looking for a hard drive that didnt exist and I didnt get offered to save a copy and I lost all my work in the crash.


      2.  The second issue is that so far I have been unable to upload a video straight to Youtube.  This is a big feature.  I use the plugins in Adobe Lightroom all the time to manage and upload my photos online and was hoping to use this to quickly upload my videos but even though my account is verfied and I have rendered and loaded the same videos manually, Premier Elements 10 cant upload them. Even short 5 minute videos.  It also doesnt give me enough information to try to solve the problem myself.  It just says "error, do you want to cancel or try again, or try again later?  That is not helpful at all in diagnosing a problem.


      So is this a case of my getting the 10.0 version too early?  Or am I just a too much of a newbie to video?  I am just surprised to see these things from Adobe in a consumer level product.  I love Adobe, but so far this one is a little iffy for me.  Any thoughts or things I can look at?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Hard to say without knowing your exact situation. The YouTube upload feature works great for me though.


          As for your problem loading photos into a project, did you following the advice in my books and in the FAQs to the right of the forum and only use photos that are no larger than 1000x750 pixels in size?



          Are photos your only or main video source for your video projects? If so, you'll likely find that down-rezzing them to video resolution alone will solve a multitude of problems as well as likely solve your rendering/upload problem.

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            Scott Zinda Level 1



            Thank your for replying. 


            I may have confused the question by referring to the photo files.  I was only saying that because many photographers when switching to video say that it slows their computers down because of the file sizes, etc.  My main source is video, but I was using really small clips and I was just making the point that CS5 on my computer can process huge .RAW files into HDR or Panoramas that have file size totals larger than what I had opened in this video with no problems at while I am doing several other things.  And I have made movies with other software on this computer with much larger files with not one hickup.  Yes the large files take time to process even with a fast processer and 6GB of RAM, but I have never seen a Windows 7 device crash ever and I keep hundreds running at work everyday.  


            I actually was able to make the video fine and had Lightroom make my JPEGs 1280 on the long side and they worked fine.  I have made a few videos now with Premier 10 and have noticied that when it knows its running out of memory and going to crash it will ask you to save a copy and then you have to close and reopen it.  I can live with that even though I dont like it.  But last night I had very few clips loaded and it crashed in what I want to call a windows 95 violent way!   I am not an expert, but have been computing enough to know this was clearly Premeir induced.  This PC does nothing but process photos and only has windows 7, office, and Adobe LR3, CS5E, and now premier elements 10 plus on it.  Premier is the only new software in a year. 


            I did get YouTube to work on a 4 minute video today.  And I did nothing different.  The only reason I am so baffled, is because when something doesnt work in Lightroom or photoshop those programs tell you what was not working.  With Premier I was left guessing. 


            Your Book Link is broken I will try to look it up.  Regardless of these Issues I want to know this software inside and out.  I just told your publisher I want to read it electronically! 

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Here's another link to my book summary page.



              Setting up your project with the correct specs is the key to getting efficient performance from this program.


              What model of camcorder is your video coming from?

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                Scott Zinda Level 1



                Yesterday when Premier crashed the worst I was using video from my new

                Olympus XZ-1 point and shoot (720P 30FPS .avi) which I am told is not a CPU

                friendly format.  The normal crash/reboots happened with my Canon T1i Video

                720P at 30FPS and with my GoProHD at 720P 60FPS.   And now after reading

                your post, I went back and double checked my photo files for the video that

                caused the worst crash and I am guilty of not checking my 1280x1280 box in

                the lightroom export I use for web, email, etc.  I did have a bunch of them

                in there.  I didnt realize they would cause such a problem being integrated

                if they were large.  I assumed they would be easy to process.  I will take

                that into account.  I will also get your book.  The link worked.  Being a

                photographer I am baffled it was my photos that could have caused this and

                not my video!  What a trip.  Usually adobe is a giant photo cookie monster

                that eats everything I can throw at it.  I just processed 200 RAWs in

                Lightroom and loaded them to my website like butter!


                I also did noticed that Premier recgonized my olympus .AVI files needed

                different settings than my Canon or GoPro.  I am curious now how it will do

                mixing videos formats.  Anyway all part of the learning curve.


                Thanks Again



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I highly recommend against mixing video formats, Scott. Particularly if you're going to be mixing standard resolution with hi-def and 1280x720. It's just going to end up a mess!


                  I can't guarantee the program will support video from our Olympus camera. It doesn't produce a standard camcorder format video, so you're going to have to get advise from someone who's actually using that video successfully in a Premiere Elements project.


                  Bill Hunt has written an article about editing GoPro footage, which also requires some special workarounds. You'll find his article in our Tips & Tricks forum.



                  Video from your Canon DSLR should be editable if you've set up your project using the correct DSLR project setting.


                  Sorry if this all seems a bit convoluted. Unlike photography, video often doesn't comply with a narrow range of standards. In fact, new formats and codecs are invented daily, each requiring its own workflow. I wish I could tell you that you can throw footage from your GoPro, your DSLR and your Olympus into the same project and let the program work it out. Unfortunately, after 7 years of working with the program, I can tell you that it just doesn't work like that. (In fact, there are few programs that DOES work with.) Each of these formats uses a different compression system and often has a different resolution and frame rate. And, on top of that, some formats create frames by interlacing odd lines then even while others interlace even lines then odd -- while others don't use interlacing at all!

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                    Scott Zinda Level 1



                    Elements worked fine on my Olympus ZX-1.  Its is high end point and shoot

                    with HD capabilities.  I made this with it today with instant movie.

                    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc6bMBtovjc    I would not mix HD and non HD.

                    Everything I have shoots HD.  My DSLR my point and shoot, my go pro and my