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    Need a forum recomendation please?

    whitefinger Level 1

      I would post my question here but i know a lot of people hate it when people ask not related forum questions! So as this is my favorite forum i thought i would ask the question here?


      in order to create my first website i have used Flash Catalyst and Flash builder 4.5 connected to Apache an MySQL, and was very grateful that after i had loaded my catalyst into flash builder that it generated a list of functions to use between builder and MySQL and as my version one of this site was built in PHP i believe the generated functions are know as AMFPHP functions but i could be wrong!


      But now to my question see even through i have done so much searching on the net to get a deeper understanding of this subject there doesn't appear to be much information apart from basic level, on a good note it forced me to use my brain and i think i got it just would like to tie a few lose ends!


      So does anyone know a good forum for AMFPHP, ive tried a few but i don't seem to be getting any response!


      as my search function works great as long as all variables are not null but returns an error if one is null ERROR "Missing argument 5 for CustomerService" so i was just wondering if i could make the variable equal to a wild card if null?