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    HTML Returned in Data provider as XML

      I have an HTTPservice returning xml, one of the xml elements contains html "<A href='example.com'>test</a>", when i am returning plain text the flex component i built can parse the information just fine, when i add html tags to the returned data then flex sees my xml as having more collections or something, rather then getting the text value i can "Object object", thats with just one <A></A> tag in there, i imagine it will get worse the more tags i add...

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          ntsiii Level 3
          A couple possibilities:
          1. Manually encode the HTML using "entities", for example, replacing "<" with "&lt;", etc.
          2. Use the "escape()" and unescape() functions to encode/decode the html
          2. Wrap the strings you do not want parsed in CDATA tags.

          A related question:
          What are you going to do with the html in Flex? You know that Flex can't display it, right?

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            leotemp Level 1
            I am using the limited html support of flex2 to call functions from embedded htmltext that is data driven from sql server, the goal is to make an application in which i can add an infinite number of "pages" from a backend editor type app, almost done too :) thanks!