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    (MX04) Pausing a loaded swf with sound objects within it


      I'm working on a PowerPoint-esque presentation where a user watches and listens to a loaded swf in the main movie, clicks the next button (which unloads the swf, advances to the next frame and loads the next swf), and watches the next one. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some of the sections are rather long, and I'd like to give the user the ability to pause and play by button click.

      I know how to stop and start the container MC, but that doesn't stop the sound object (and the embedded MCs). I also know how to pause and start a sound object using the object's instance name. Is there a way to pause everything from the main timeline, and keep the AS general enough so that any sound object pauses when clicked?

      Any help is most appreciated! MX04 and AS2.0.