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    creating Cloth


      I must stupid but I have been following the instructions at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Director/11.5/Beginners/WS16484b78be4e1542207b595813093835e2c- 8000.html on how to create a cloth.


      The instructions on that page are:

      member ("physics").createclothresource(modelref, [flipNormals])

      member ("physics").createcloth(clothname ,clothres, clothmodel, density,thickness)


      So I have set up a 3d world member with a single mesh model and inserted a physics object I called "physics".


      Next I've set up a behaviour for the 3D member following the instructions from that link above.


      "On beginSprite(me)


      sp = sprite(me.spritenum)

      mem = sp.member

      modelRef = mem.model("plane")  -- this a single mesh model


      gDensity = 2.0

      gThickness = 1.8


      a = member("physics").createclothresource(modelref) 

      member ("physics").createcloth("banner",a, modelRef, gDensity,gThickness)"


      However Director alerts an error everytime it encounters the line "a = createclothresource(modelRef) " saying "Error - Script Error -21".


      Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?


      Many thanks