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    Speech bubbles in Muse

    Tanya Love Level 1



      I'm designing my site in Muse.


      A main feature will be interviews.


      I'll be designing a jpeg background, with name of interviewee seperately designed at the top - do I need to merge these as 1 in PS or can I layer in Muse?


      But my main question, is I want the interview in speech bubbles centered down screen, with triangle tip pointing left or right of screen depending on whom is speaking. Ideally, i'd like the text to be searchable on google.


      Any ideas for how to do this?


      I am aware of a speach bubble code creator on the web is that addable to Muse?


      Obviously the bubbles would need to be adjustable for the amount of speech, but as interviews are past won't need changing once created.


      Might add, photos/sound clips/links at some point but getting the background up with interview in speech bubbles is the main task.


      Thanks so.