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      Please; I've upgraded to 5.5. Now, when I use  "command/option/L" to either lock or unlock a frame (text or image) the entire page either locks or unlocks instead of just the highlighted frame—where in the past (CS3) the "command/option/L" did not effect the entire page.


      Has something changed? I can't find info in the tutorial... thanks for any insight.

          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think you have your shortcuts mixed up.


          The Lock command is Cmd-L. It locks the currently selected object. Cmd-Opt-L unlocks all objects on the spread.


          You can see and change all the shortcuts by choosing Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click the Show Set button which opens up a list of all the shortcuts in a text editor. Do a search on "lock" to see all the shortcuts.


          You can edit the keyboard shortcuts to do what you want.


          Also, in CS5 or 5.5, open the Layers panel, and notice that you can not only view layers but objects on the page. You can select an object and click in the Lock column of the Layers panel to lock or unlock it. If you have frame edges showing, you can see a little lock icon on locked objects. You can click on the lock icon (on the object) to unlock it.

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            Perfect answer... thank you!