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    A movie or slideshow from .psd files that retains picture quality? (v10)




      I spent a lot of time creating hundreds of .PSD images which I thought I would just open in Premiere and create a movie with -incorporating a pause of 5 seconds on each picture.


      The problems is even though the images look great, the movie looks like crap.  The image and text on the image is all blurred.  If I hit pause it straightens up and looks great (just like the original .PSD files).


      This happens in both the "instant" movie and the slideshow.


      Please tell me I don't have to create a PowerPoint slideshow to retain the image quality!  Please!  I've tried it with and without "Autoanalyze" and "autoedit"


      I don't get it, but I know I am missing something!!


      Any guidance you may offer will be greatly appreciated.