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    Flash Media Player Advanced Options


      Hi All,


      I have created an online streaming radio on Shoutcast website , now I want to add this radio player in my website to let user listen to my radio while browsing the website, I have no problem with that, but I want to add some extra features to my flash player as following :


      1- Show Song Name

      2- Show Singer name

      3- Show Previous Song Name

      4- Show Next Song Name

      5- Show Singer Photo


      so please if anyone can suggest or provide a tutorial or information that can help me do that I will be thankful


      Thanks in Advance

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          All of this can be done using an xml file to supply the data.... so learn how to incorporate xml into Flash.

          Start here with "Flash and XML" scroll down to near bottom of the page at:


          Google "using xml for Flash" for more info...

          You will be using actionscript to build a data array (from the xml file), then depending on certain conditions, you will be displaying an [element] of that array in a dynamic text box (for example).

          Example of custom video player... but audio player would use the same principles:


          Custom features:

          Video categories

          Playlist with Title, description, and photo

          Transcript of video

          Each feature was just added using an array drawing data from an xml file... I just added one feature at a time.... got that working... then added the second, third, etc.

          So start small, learn to build just ONE feature at a time... get that working before you go on.

          Best wishes,