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    Flex WebService response truncated for resultFormat="object"

    haroon ghafoori

      Hi Guys,


      I am using a webservice component in my flex application which comsumes a webservice. The response of this webservice contains a single Object, which ontains three objects. One one of these three objects has some 28 fields, most of them are simple String and few are custom Objects.


      When we call this webservice operation with property resultFormat="xml", the comlete response XML is obtained.

      While calling this webservice operation with property resultFormat="object", this object (originally having 28 fields) only retrieve around 15 fields.


      Initially I thought that it is not retrieving the complex object as mentioned in my previous post. But later I tried to move the fields of this object up & down in the wsdl and found that it can retrieve the complex objects but there is limit to the number of fields/bytes that this object can have in the response.


      Is there really a limit on number of fields in an object or the size of the response if we use resultFormat="object" for a flex webservice operation?