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    Newbie pixelation two-part question


      I want to create video mash-ups from various sources including public domain material. I am finding that a lot of what seems readily available online is  pixelated-looking, even stuff that has had attention paid to it, i.e. made available in multiple formats such as this one - http://www.archive.org/details/Night.Of.The.Living.Dead_1080p

      1st Question - Is anyone aware of the best way to obtain good copies of public domain materials - wether it be sites such as archive.org, torrents, or ripping from dvd's? I have used the .m2ts version of the Night of the Living Dead video available from the Internet Archive (archive.org), and it has a pulsing blocky pixelation effect within Premiere Pro that I managed to get rid of once by saving and rendering, but has returned. It is a rhythmic pulsing of random areas which show either black or white in large pixelated blocks.


      The second part has to do with matching that sort of public domain footage up with my own footage taken with a canon 7d and also with the sequence settings within premiere pro cs5.5. I'm going for a wild and chaotic atmosphere in my video, so there is room for some roughness, but I'm wondering what the best approach would be to start with. i would want to start with the best quality possible.

      2nd Question - Can a mash-up project like I'm talking about be produced to a relatively professional level from these non-licensed non-official online sources? The final export looking good and non-pixelated is my main concern.


      Camera - canon 7d

      Computer - mac pro

      Software - adobe premiere, after effects, soundbooth

      Goal - producing a variety show made up of old film clips and new footage.