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    help with various things...


      Hi there!


      Sorry i'm new here and had a few questions....


      This here is a screencap from a short horror film i'm doing, and I had a few ideas on how to improve it via after effects. However, i'm only a beginner with this program and would like a few points in the right direction in terms of what i'm after.


      One thing I wanted to do is some kind of glowing eye effect, but I think I can figure that one out as i've seen a few on youtube.

      Another thing is I want to know what would be the best plug in to remove grain as filming this low lit scene has made it a little grainy.

      The final thing is that I want to edit the color I do have on the subject and make it look a lot stronger, maybe more...otherworldly? So if anyone could suggest what I could do to achieve that I would much appreciate it!


      Thank you!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not meaning to be critical but it's much better to shoot with more light and then reduce the levels with color correction later. Digital photography of any kind doesn't respond well to boosting levels that are too dark or reducing levels that are too light. You'd be a lot better off if your video was about 4 stops brighter.


          That said, and being stuck with that image you have a few options. First of all change your project to 32 bit to preserve as much information as you can and give you more control.


          You can then try Effects>Color Correction>Exposure to raise the levels. You could try stacking multiple copies of the footage on top of each other with the blend mode set to Add or Screen. This may give you better results than simply cranking up the exposure.


          Once you have the levels up to where they need to be to see the actor you can start removing the noise from the image. There are a couple of options under Effect>Noise & Grain and there are some excellent 3rd party plug-ins but none can perform miracles. The more noise you remove the softer the image becomes. When you've got the shot fixed as much as you can pre-compose all of the layers then start working on the color correction and glows.


          Glow may do it for you, but you may want to try adding a blurred copy of the pre-comp on top with blend set to Add or Screen. You can then add an Adjustment layer on top to complete the color correction. There are a lot of tools available there from levels and curves to hue and saturation.