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    What media to use for BD-R?

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      For DVD this answer is simple, either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, but does this still hold for BD-R 25GB and BD-R DL 50 GB full face printables?


      In addition, I have difficulty finding spindles with 25, 50 or 100 disks. It looks like there are only 5 or 10 disk packs in jewelcases. I rather use the common 9 mm DVD slimcases.


      Looking forward to your experiences with these media.

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          Alan Craven-Y3Asuo Level 1

          I have only ever used Verbatim printable BD-R 25 GB, and never had a problem with either burning or playing.  I always have a dummy run with a BD-RE beforehand, creating a .iso file and burning from that using IMG Burn.


          KVJ Media in London offer 25 spindles of thermal printable Verbatim BD-R, but as you note, inkjet printable seem to be limited to 5 or 10 jewel case packs.  They also list what they describe as "No-ID Verbatim" inkjet printable BD-R in spindles of 25 at £80.  The cost saving is so small that I have not been tempted to try these.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I stick with Falcon Pro BDs, just like I do with DVDs.  They come on spindles from 25 to 100.  (They ain't cheap, though.)

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Falcon Pro is a completely unknown brand in Europe and shipping from the US is difficult and expensive to say the least. I found 50 spindles of Verbatim for a nice price, but they don't ship to Europe.

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                mikeklar Level 1


                RiDATA distribute BD-R in 25 packs and are the least expensive I've used so far, i.e. $35 CDN.  As to quality all I can say is that none of my clients have complained to date. 

                You can find them here -




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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  shipping from the US


                  You wouldn't necessarily ship Falcon's from the US as we have to import them ourselves.  The disk are manufactured in Dubai, I believe.

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                    Harm, just be careful that you stay away from the "LTH" (Low To High) new less expensive media unless you are just using it yourself.  You can generally get upgraded firmware for older BR players, but you never know if a friend or customer has the capability of playing these discs.  When I first got these it drove me nuts.  I have what is left of a 20 pack of Verbatim LTH in front of me that turns out perfect coasters no matter what I try in the burning process.  Now I could update my firmware on my set-top player but if I do that then I will never know if anyone else can play it.  I currently am using a 50 pack TDK HTL discs that have a TDK part number 61694 but am not fully confident about universal playability.


                    Oh these are not printable

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                      RjL190365 Level 5

                      mikeklar wrote:



                      RiDATA distribute BD-R in 25 packs and are the least expensive I've used so far, i.e. $35 CDN.  As to quality all I can say is that none of my clients have complained to date. 

                      You can find them here -

                      http://www.ritekusa.com/ConsumerProducts/OpticalDiscs/Bluray/BDRRE.asp x





                      The manufacturer of the RiDATA BD-Rs, RiTEK, also manufactures BD-R media for many brands such as Memorex, Imation, Maxell MaxData, and several others I cannot remember. The 2x-rated BD-Rs are total garbage, often degrading severely after only a few weeks of storage. The 4x rated BD-Rs from that same company are OK as long as you don't burn those discs at faster than 4x (some computer BD burners have firmware that allows much faster than 4x burns onto this particular media code).

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                        mikeklar Level 1

                        I should have mentioned the list price for the 25 stack was $56, however the markup for BD media is exorbitant and knowing what the dealer paid for them they caved and this is now my price.

                        Yes, they are the 4x rated BD-Rs. 

                        Initially, I used them only for draft burns, but when I ran out of Memorex's disks the RiDATA's ended up on the final burn and to this day there are no complaints.  As well, to see how quickly they deteriorate I have several that are purposely stored where direct sunlight has been getting at them over the past two months and the last time these were played they did so without issues. 

                        Interesting to see your comment that RiDATA makes media for Memorex.




                        Ps. Bill Gehrke - some of TDKs disks I used during the past and earlier this year did give me problems and they cost close to $4 per disk for a 20 pack,  i.e. $75 for the pack. 

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          This is getting more interesting than I expected. It seems that experiences differ widely and there is not yet a clear cut answer.


                          I appreciate all your feedback and please keep it coming.


                          RiTek used to have a good name in the early days of DVD-R+ inkjet printable disks, but that quickly went down the drain when they started mass production and delivered to Memorex, Imation and the like. The first spindles I got from them were very good and I never had any complaints, but - I think after the 03 version - gone was their reliability. After that I never used anything but Verbatim, but that was only for DVD's. Now that BD-R is getting more common I think it worthwhile to gather user experiences with different brands and burn speeds.


                          Bill's experience with the LTH Verbatim disks does not really bode well IMO.


                          If you are looking at 6x BD-R 25 GB full face inkjet printable disks, which brands would be on your shopping list, even if you were to take precautions like only burning at 4x?

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                            Ken Fong Level 1

                            I use Verbatim inkjet printable BD-R disks. I get them in 50 disk packs for $170 from B&H in New York. I've never had a problem with them;

                            I'm careful to only burn them at 4X.


                            I also use LTH BD-R disks ($30 for a 20 pack), but only as data disks to be read on my PCs (since I've had problems with them

                            not playing on other people's Blu-ray players).

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                              Pyramid Pyro Level 1

                              I use Verbatim BD-R LTH discs.  They run about $30 for a 20 pack as well.  I've never had a problem with playback issues (unless it was my own doing in Encore) and neither have customers.  I've also never produced a coaster.  This has been going on for the past year.  This is based on the older 2x discs - they now produce 6x discs (the next logical step in my purchasing) but the reviews are not favorable on Amazon and NewEgg.  I always kick out projects to an ISO via Encore and use IMGBurn to make the disc.  I set the speed to auto and can only assume it burns at 2x.


                              I'm surprised and sorry to hear so many pros have had problems with these.


                              I'd guess Sony discs are top notch but haven't tried their BD-R products.  The DVD versions were always rock solid.  The guy at Fry's told me to stay away from Ri-Data.  Falcon seems to have a pretty good name 'round these parts but, yes, they are pricey.  I may take a chance on the Verbatim 6x discs despite negative reviews.  Maybe they have since worked out the bugs (?).


                              I'll also be watching this thread carefully as I will eventually be forced to use updated discs.


                              All the best,



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                                RjL190365 Level 5



                                Yes, you will have to use the updated discs. The 2x discs have recently been discontinued, and only the 6x discs are now in production. Any 2x discs that you'll find are AFAIK now available only as NOS ("New Old Stock").


                                And yes, not everybody has updated the firmware of the BD burner and/or standalone Blu-ray player to even support the LTH discs. That's how some pros stated that they have problems with the discs.


                                By the way, I picked up some 6x LTH Verbatim discs yesterday. With my own equipment the only glitch I encountered so far is that the 8x LG BH08LS20 burner can only write to these discs at 2x speed (at least with the firmware version that I have on that burner).


                                Speaking of Sony, they are no longer exclusively using their own blank media (not even BD-Rs): Although their own blank BD-Rs account for some of the current production for the Sony-branded discs, that company has been increasingly reliant on third-party (outside) manufacturers of media that use those companies' media codes. Recently, Sony has been increasingly using RiTEK-manufactured BD-R media. (During the later portion of the 2x era, Sony outsourced some of its 2x BD-R production to Panasonic.)