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    unable to open files associated with Adobe Reader - program goes into a loop


      i am unable to open any file associated with adobe reader or adobe pro.  when i double-click the file, adobe reader opens up but it goes into a loop. 


      adobe reader opens, then a progress window opens, as if the file will open but adobe closes and opens again and the same cycle repeats itself until i manually close the program.


      any advice?



      i can open regular .PDF files when i double-click the icon and i can also open .PDF files when i open adobe reader first and then choose open file.  it's just the .FDF files that are the problem (so far).


      the file in question happens to be an .FDF extension, which is an internet generated form. i attached a screen shot of the screen that pops up, goes away, and pops up again that creates the loop.


      the white out section is the server name where the file was saved to.  but i also get the same symptoms when i am in internet explorer, hit the generate form button.





      adobe loop.jpg