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    Why can't I open files with Reader X??


      I received an auto update request about one week ago from ADOBE.  I had 9.4 (I think) at the time and the request took to me to Reader X 10.1.1.
      Since then, I cannot seem to open PDF files stored in my document library, nor attach any files to emails. When I click one.....nothing happens.  They files are all solid white rather than showing the red/white coloration of Adobe - like they used to before the "upgade". The only way I can open a PDF is to launch the Reader X software and click "open files" from there.  Obviously, this doesn't help me since I need to email PDFs to clients, and printing 'n faxing isn't an option.


      Here's what I've done before so as to avoid repetitive suggestions:


      1.  Uninstalled and reinstalled (more than 1/2 dozen time).  I restarted the PC in between both fuctions. Didn't work.
      2.  Tried to fall back to 9.4 after uninstalling.  Didn't work.

      3,  System restore.  Done for (3) different dates proceeeding the update to 10.1.  Didn't work.




      Thanks in advance.....