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    LHi won't letterbox on CRT

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      First of all, anamorphic analog scaling works great on FCP.


      I have a Kona LHi in my MacPro3,1.  I have the latest Adobe Plug-in installed.  My Sequence settings call for an anamorphic or letterbox display on my Analog out.


      I don't get anything but a full-screen output on my analog CRT.  No matter what settings I use in the AJA Adobe plug inside Pr, or the AJA Control Panel app.


      I can apply the proper setting in the AJA CP; then switch to Pr with the workspace size reduced so that I can see the AJA CP, and as soon as I activate Pr, the settings change, and the anamorphic setting is turned off.  It changes the Analog selection to Primary, which doesn't do letterboxing; that's only available to the secondary output.


      This tells me that the AJA Plug in Pr isn't allowing the app to use the secondary output at all.  No matter what Secondary Format options I choose, they are ignored.


      So... is this a Pr issue, or an AJA Adobe driver issue?