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    I'd like Adobe to rethink the certification with AIR



      I'd like Adobe to rethink the certification with AIR. It is about the migration of Digital sign.

      I'm using a certificate file which was purchased last year. This time I had to update it and found it a bother.



      To update the signing we (developers)  have to create AIR application signed with a NEW certificate file.

      After that we have to migrate old certificate file into the application.

      This mean that we have to make two actions everytime when we publish a new application.



      This comes from the reason that the migration have to be done on the APPLICATION.

      I hope that the migration is done on the NEW CERTIFICATE FILE.

      If so, we don't have to take two actions.



      Some people might think it's not a big issue one or two.

      But please think about if we forget to migrate the certificate.

      It will make a big trouble to our customer.



      I don't know it is possible or not to migrate on the NEW CERTIFICATE FILE,

      but if it is possible, it will be a great improvement.