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    Faster drawing with 2D Director

    RenoRich Level 1
      Im building a game with director 8.5 and Im having performance issues related to the drawing of all the sprites and animations on screen. Is there anyway I can have director using the video card for its drawing instead of software??? Maybe an xtra or anthing that can help?

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          Level 7
          Director's faster than flash as throwing bitmaps around (flash 8.5 is
          threatening it) but it's nothing like compiled code used in serious gane

          There are articles on the web providing tips for small improvements,
          particular speed stealing aspects include: Blend ink settings, and on
          scage scaling, flash sprites tend to animate slowl in director. Using
          lower color depth members when possible can help, 8 bit graphics using
          custom color palettes can give good results, better than 16 bit members
          for certain gradient looks.
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            duckets Level 1
            It is technically possible to use director's 3d features to simulate sprites (you would need to use an orthographic camera view, and create a textured plane for each sprite. It would be no small task though!

            Perhaps you could give some idea of how your currently using your sprites, so we could give suggestions as to how to optimise it? Or perhaps you could upload a demo or even the source? You should be able to move plenty of sprites around the screen pretty quickly with director.

            - Ben

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              RenoRich Level 1
              hey again...
              Picture a puzzle game like colapse or tetris where there are multiple peices that at one point or another that might be moving around. There is also a faire amount of small animations playing while your playing the puzzle game.

              Ive attempted loading sprites using director3D's overlay feature so that all sprites are hopefully loaded in the vid card for faster drawing and animating....but it seems that when drawing huge sprites (like 800x 600) overlays are faster then to have them on the score as 2D sprites....but when it comes to drawing a huge amount of small sprites...director's 2D is faster then drawing them as 3D overlays...
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                duckets Level 1
                If you're going to use director's 3d features, I would use an orthographic view, and textures on planes (as mentioned in my previous post) - not the 3d overlays feature, as overlays are significantly slower.

                - Ben
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                  RenoRich Level 1
                  Thats great Ill experiment with the orthographic view and see what I can do with that...thanks alot
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                    the real POTMO Level 1
                    I have e already tryed that. I Used backdrops instread of planes. I think that was a bit faster.
                    Anyway it works just great. The only problem was to calculate pixels to 3d coordinates and back again without using models under ray (slow).
                    But indeed its a lot faster than using conventional sprites. Absolutly with a lot of "sprites"