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    Importing Videos and wrong time setting




      I'm playing around with Premiere Elements 10 and the Elements Organizer 10 under a German Mac OS X (Lion).


      My typical 'workflow' is to start the Elements Organizer, start importing videos (CMD-G) from my camera (Panasonic SD-HDC-20) with an own name scheme supported by the Foto-Downloader to have it named 'XYZ_Date_Time.mov'. Then adding them to my catalogue, then working with them.


      My Problems are:


      1) the Foto Downloader adds 1h in the Time Field (HHMM). Finder shows the correct date and time (CMD+I)...

      2) Elements Organizer subtracts 1h after importing to the current Catalog.


      When enabling Preferences->Enable Single Click Date and Time Change, I can click on the tme, select Fiel Date and the time is shown right. Filename ist still wrong of course...


      Any idea how to get Elements Organizer to use the right time settings?! I suppose that the current daylight saving causes some trouble here...