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    [Flex 4.5.1] What is the best way of adopting a flex built website for mobile "as is"?

    FM_Flame Level 1

      What is the best way of adopting a flex 4.5.1 built website for mobile "as is"?


      I have a website built with flex 4.5.1 which I want to be working on mobile as it should - meaning that touch style of interactions should be working not mouse.


      The question is: Do I HAVE TO recode all of my website from Application into Mobile Application in order to be a more lightweight version of the original one, which includes: remove some functionality, pages, animation, build a separate backend and cms to control it etc.?




      Can I just define mobile skins, for my existing components to use when in mobile mode, in which I could have done some tweaking by removing some unnecessary parts and changing component interactionMode to Touch ?


      Are both options which I see possible and if yes - which one would you recommend?


      Thanks in advance!

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          pauland Level 4

          The problem with changing the skins, is that it doesn't change the size of a mobile screen or the size of the fingers that now replace the mouse, nor does it make the application work as a mobile user expects it to work (ie with gestures). You really suggest what you want the answer to be in your question, so I suspect that's contributing to a lack of responses.


          Everyone wants their non-mobile site to just magically work well on mobile, and to an extent it's possible, but anything not designed for mobile and touchscreens, is going to be a poor implementation.

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            FM_Flame Level 1

            Thanks for the answer. Yeah I bet you figured out what I want the answer to be, but is it ? That's why I am asking here. I can see my website on my HTC Desire HD and it's working pretty well. If I reskin the parts that need a bigger hit area or the scrollers to work with touch so I don't have to scroll the actual scrollbars with my finger, remove some complex animations - everything will work just fine... The problem is that I am not sure if that is the right way to do it or if it is possible at all.


            I do get your point about not designed for mobile stuff, but while with html 5 you get the job done for web and mobile with little differences at the same time, in flash you need double time cause you'll have to build 2 projects. And since the framework is one for both web and mobile.. why not...


            I want to see the pros and cons of the both approaches I suggested. In a complex modular architecture I could easily swap one web module with a mobile module for example or change skins or components if I need more lightweight ones, but do I have to copy all that logic in to a MobileApplication, can't I do it with Application and use the MobileComponents (which are simplier and less functional) if the project actually needs them...


            I do hope you get why I am asking these questions, and I can't believe I haven't found a guide or something like that "why this and not that" when it comes to mixing web with mobile development and flex... If you have, please share the link, I would be happy to read. Or someone with the experience in what I am talking about shares some knowledge, that would be great!