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    [Flex 4.5.1] What is the best way of bringing illustrator/photoshop/flash vector graphics to flex?

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      What is the best way of bringing illustrator vector graphics to flex?


      I've done my own research and to my conclusion, Illustrator's (CS5.1) export to fxg is better compared to Flash Professional CS5.5.


      Here is my workflow so far:

      1) Flash Pro designs -> export into fxg file -> import into AI -> reexport the fxg file -> import to Flex -> update everything depending on do I need it mxml or fxg.




      2) AI designs -> export the fxg file -> import to Flex -> update everything depending on do I need it mxml or fxg.




      Photoshop designs -> if path graphics -> export to AI -> 2)



      I don't have Catalyst currently to try how it will export the fxg files to see if it is better than AI, or maybe it can export directly into more "Ready To Use" format by my choosing FXG or MXML?


      Could someone who used it share some knowledge and maybe help figuring out what is the best workflow when working with vector assets ?


      Would be very helpfull for all that read this I guess, thanks!



      After further testing looks like 2) is the best option at the moment. 1) is adding too much complexity with it's symbols groups drawing objects etc (especially when the designer doesn't know how to properly arrange the graphics in flash) which requires a lot of cleaning when you import the fxg code into AI + some occasional bugged symbols which you cannot select on the stage until u break the symbol a bit.


      I haven't tested how photoshop (with the FXG plugin) exports FXG and how Catalyst exports it and the workflow in between, so If anyone can add up from experience what is the best workflow for fxg to Flex please comment on it - maybe bug in AI but I don't have the time to check out why that happens since I will not be using that workflow.


      In the meantime I recommend sticking to AI -> FXG -> Flex


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