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    "The Importer Encountered a Generic Error"

    Neptunesalad1 Level 1

      Trying to use dynamic link from Premiere to After Effects, I keep getting this error message. It seems that my footage shows up in AE (or SOMETHING does, when I try to view it it's just a black solid), and it hangs Premiere up for about a minute before giving me this message. This is newly happening since I upgraded my OS to Lion, and in fact I was regularly doing the dynamic linking with this very same project before the upgrade.



      5 year-old 8 core 3gHz Mac Pro tower with 10 gigs of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB gfx card, running the latest and greatest Premiere Pro, After Effects, Mac OS 10.7.1.


      And this exact project was working mostly fine until I upgraded. A lot of the media in this project is MP4, if that makes a difference.


      I appreciate any and all help as I'm actually considering moving to another software package for the remainder of this job.