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    Large Volume Data Merge Issues with Indesign CS5


      I recently started using Indesign CS5 to design a marketing mail piece which requires merging data from Microsoft Excel.  With small tasks up to 100 pieces I do not have any issues.  However I need to merge 2,000-5,000 pieces of data through Indesign on a daily basis and my current lap top was not able to handle merging more than 250 pieces at a time, and the process of merging 250 pieces takes up to 30-45 mins if I get lucky and software does not crash.


      To solve this issue, I purchased a Desktop with a second generation Core i7 processor and 8GB of memerory thinking that this would solve my problem.  I tried to merge 1,000 piece of data with this new computer, and I was forced to restart Adobe Indesign after 45 mins of no results.  I then merged 500 pieces and the task was completed, but the process took a little less than 30 minutes.


      I need some help with this issue because I can not seem to find another software that can design my Mail Piece the way Indesign can, yet the time it takes to merge large volumes of data is very frustrating as the software does crash from time to time after waiting a good 30-45 mins for completion.


      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!