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    Any way to adjust the shape of button's clickable area?

    Changilainen Level 1



      I'm making buttons in InDesign and then exporting the InDesign file as PDF document. The buttons are wide and low i.e. width is much greater than height. I rotate these buttons 45 degrees and I have few of them next to each other, something like this: \\\\

      Problem is that the button's clickable area is square after I have rotated my buttons that 45 degrees so that means the button's clickable areas are stacked on each other and I can't click on one individual button. For example, I click second button from the left but action happens according to first button because clickable area of the first button is on the second button. Is there a way to change the button's clickable area from a square to the actual drawn button? Or is there some good workaround for this? I need to have rotated buttons next to each other and I should be able to click each of them individually.