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    Adobe Flash download website is hosed?


      For some reason, my Flash update checker doesn't always work reliably or in a timely manner, so I regularly check for new versions of Flash by going into Control Panel > Flash Player > Advanced > Check Now.  It said that was available.  I had


      Ok, so I go into control panel and uninstall both the Active X and the plug-in and go to www.adobe.com, scroll down to "Download", and click "Adobe Flash", just like I've done dozens of times before, to get the new version.


      However, this time it is telling me that version is available, and I get a "404 not found" when it tries to download.


      The same thing happens when I try to get the plug-in for Firefox while in Firefox.


      Now, I have no flash on this computer.  I'm XP SP3.


      What's going on?