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    find first beat function / region highlighting


      Hello everyone


      1. Since the audio clip I recieved usually contains a beep, the find first beat function (in previous Au) is an very efficient tool to delete the silence before the beat in s spark. Although in 5.5 the delete silence function can do the same but u hv to click more buttons to complete the task.

      2. After I use ctrl+mouse dragging  to select clips in a region, if I attempt it again, I can only select clips in the new region, but the previous selected clips are deselected at the same time. It won't happen in the previous version of AU except 5.5. It's so inconvenient without this function if u have hundreds of clips in the multitrack. Coz now in 5.5, if I wanna select more clip in the second attempt, i have to ctrl+click on each clip to achieve the same task which is very time consuming.


      Look forward to it's update