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    Launching instances using InDesignServerService.msc issue




      - I am using CS 5.5 server with the design merge plugin on Windows 7.

      - I am using InDesignServerService.msc to configure and start indesign server instances.

      - I am passing '-configuration I1 -iorfile D:\ior\I1.txt -pluginpath Server/Corba' in the command line arguments option of InDesignServerService.msc.

      - When I am starting the service the instance gets launched but no folder with the instance name 'I1' gets created at 'C:\Users\personal\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign Server\Version 7.5\en_GB' unlike launching the instance from the command prompt.


      Is the above folder craeted at any other location?


      The design merge plugin uses 'Adobe Tags TransTable.txt' while merging the records which is placed at '...\{INSTANCE_NAME}\Meadows\DesignMerge\TransTable\' relative to the above location.


      As this folder doesn't gets created (if instance is launched from InDesignServerService.msc), I am getting an error 'TransTableNotFound' while merging records.


      Can anyone help !!