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    PS CS4 with CR 5.7, Lightroom 2.7, DNG-converter 5.6 all fail to recognize 1000D .cr2

    mik_bys Level 1

      I , like others have experienced http://forums.adobe.com/message/3706070#3706070,  also can't open Canon 1000D .cr2 raw files even though it's listed as supported in the Camera Raw 5.7 Readme http://www.adobe.com/special/photoshop/camera_raw/Camera_Raw_5.7_ReadMe.pdf


      I use PS CS 4 with Camera Raw 5.7 on a PowerPC G5 and I have no problems opening raw files from Nikon, say,


      There seems to be no official response from Adobe how to solve this problem, even though this is not new. What knowledge came out of earlier cases? Does Camera Raw 5.7 support CS4 on PowerPC or doesn't it? If not, why isn't that exception listed in the documentation?