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    RFE: Update Flashplayer with less Userclicks




      first of all I'm glad if Flashplayer tells me when it has an update. But then the Workflow is

      - Flash: hey I have an update, do you want me to update? yes - first click

      - Accpet the licence agreement - second click

      - after update is finished - click okay to finish - third click


      Everytime I wonder WHY I have to accept the licence always and always again. Anyways, wouldn't it be possible to do all this with just ONE click?

      - The dialog could just show me that there IS an update including (if necessary) the checkbox for the licence agreement.

      - After clickling OK in this one dialog the software could download update and show a "finished, update successfull" without opening another dialog.

      - I'd be also quite happy if this dialog would auto-close if no errors occurred after some seconds.


      Usually I just want to say - "yes update, do your stuff and let me continue my work and don't bother again if everything is alright".

      It'd be even cooler if it could be done fully automatic, so that flash just downloads the new files if an update is available and installs when the computer shuts down or if flash is restarted nex time.

      Just don't bother me with various clicks!


      Best regards