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    Exporting Layers to PNG files using each layer name to create the file name??


      Hi All


      I'm trying to sort the following problem and was hoping somebody here could help with a scripting solution - my knowledge extends as far as actions unfortunately - which I don't think is appropriate for this.


      I've created a User interface in Illustrator with many layers and have exported this as a psd with layers.

      Basically what i'm wanting to do is export every layer as a png file while using the layer name to create the file name - each layer needs to be clipped.

      There is no transparency in the png.


      I've run the export to files script - but the names are too long and there is no anti aliasing.


      I've tried running a script from Illustrator - but it doesn't see sub layers - and doesn't name the layers.


      any help would be appreciated.


      thanking you in advance