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    Fading in all Content in FC document + Auto transitions


      HI all,


      I am new to FC but have been working wtih Flash for many years and here are my quetisons:


      1. Is there a way to have FC start as a blank/white document, stay that way for a sec or two and then have the contents of the fist page fade all in? You can of course do this in Flash, but can you do it in FC, and if so, how do you go about doing it.


      2. I am trying to creat a sort of a slider, it starts with one imgase, which slides in and  pauses and then a new slide fades in while the old one fades out. Is there a way of making FC run automatically or do I have to have a Button in FC each time I want to reload a new page?



      Thanks a lot!!


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          1) Look for the On Application Start Action Sequence. That should be able to fit your needs.


          2) Flash Catalyst does not have a timer. There are three solutions:

               One is to create a blank FLV video file and use it to time the effects. Browse through the forums to learn more about this option

               Another is to add some code using Flash Builder to control the timing. It is not terribly hard, but if you have never coded before it might be too much

               The final solution is to animate the slide using Flash Professional and just embed the swf within your project.


          Good luck!