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    Help in altering editing project from NTSC to PAL. How can I change sequence settings?

    msp1518 Level 1

      Okay, in my inexperience, I screwed up. Now I am screwed. I have a project I shot on Super8 at 18fps. I was given a PAL transfer, but ended up doing a great deal of work in Premiere Pro... In NTSC.


      I tried starting a new project with the PAL settings and then importing the other project so I could have all of my audio in the various tracks, making it easy to edit. But that just gave me a single audio track that I cannot edit.


      So how can I go into my original project and change the sequence settings? Everything is grayed out. I can't touch it or alter anything. And I am going insane. I spent the last four days trying to figure this out. Those of you who know me know I only come here if I am truly lost and I have not had to ask questions in quite some time


      So please, someone, save me!