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    image in indesign file not showing in pdf export - help!


      Hi there -


      Exporting my indesign file to a pdf has been fine up til now - all the images and text are showing up fine except for one. The image is one that I edited in Photoshop (CS4) - it's a drop shadow layer. I then placed it in Indesign and fiddled with its opacity. And then I exported. Literally, everything else in this rather substantial file is fine. I increased the opacity of the image to 100% and it did actually show up in the pdf, as it appeared on indesign. Then I tried decreasing the opacity by a minimal amount (to 85% - I'm aiming for around 45%) and it disappeared again. Not sure how to fix this. Thanks for any help


      (in Indesign)    with shadow.png (in the pdf)shadowless.png