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    Flash button


      Can somebody help me with my flash button? Everything seems to work fine when I preview my work, the Link, rollover, fine. But when I add it to a website the link does not work. I added the action script getURL (no errors) and like I say works fine in preview, but something is not quite right when I add it to a website and I don't why, so frustrating. Any suggestions?

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          Jay_Armstrong Level 2

          You should post your ActionScript so people can see it.

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            stanie44 Level 1

            Using action script 2 This is what I used: on (release) {

                                                                getURL ("http://www.jhhhjjhjhbjhb.com")



            Like I say works fine in preview no errors until I insert on web page then link don't work.                    

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              Jay_Armstrong Level 2

              Sorry for the delay stanie44,


              Couple more questions:

              1. does your code have a semicolon at the end of the getURL() line?

              2. you say the getURL doesn't work when the SWF is in a web page. Is that html page on the local machine when it doesn't work? and do other links within the html itself work?

              3. is that a web page you created yourself, or one that Flash auto-generated for you via the publish command? Try a flash auto generated html page and see what happens.

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                stanie44 Level 1

                Thanks for getting back to me, and sorry I took so long to reply.


                The swf file is on local machine, when I try the file on a web page on my computer the link does not work. It's not flash auto generated just one I designed myself using flash. I know that you can change the flash settings when testing files localy on a machine but I did upload a flash file that I created onto a site I designed but the link still did not work. As for the semicolon the exact code I used is above.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  use the html published by flash to see if your html is the problem.  if it's not, leave the flash-published html on your site and post the url.