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    Adobe X - can't copy in text links


      Hello, i've been given a pdf file that has intext links and i want to copy them to ms word. Example: "Recent reviews show that blahblahblahblah". When I move my mouse over the phrase REVIEWS the cursor changes indicating that there's a link to be clicked such that when I click it, a message appears asking me if i want to access the link i pressed. Now, what I want is to have that same intext link in an ms word document. So in my pdf (version x btw), i select the word and right click but the only options are LOOKUP REVIEW - COPY - HIGHLIGHT. Copying doesn't do the job. MS WORD gets the word REVIEW without the link. I end up having to click the word on pdf, wait for the browser to take me to the site, copy the address from the url bar, right click on REVIEW in ms word and choose hyperlink and enter it.

      Im sure there's an easier way to do this. The document I have is filled with these intext links. So how do you do it?


      I tried converting the document to ms word and it worked. There was a problem with the format of the document but at least the intext links were copied but sometimes I need to change the contents of the document so this isn't a perfect solution.


      Is there one?