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    Is there any way to salvage a corrupt InDesign CS5.5 document?


      I can open it in InDesign, but after being open for a few seconds the beach ball comes up and starts spinning all on its own, and InDesign stays locked in this state forever. If I attempt the auto recover it results in a crash. InDesign also crashes most times that I try to open the document, but some times I get lucky (dont understand quite why, either). I have tried exporting to an IDML, but I get a message saying InDesign cannot open the IDML either. The error message I sometimes see is Error Code 4.


      This document represents about two weeks' worth of work for my new employer, and I really would love to not have to do it all over! (Whoever manages to help me out of this mess has earned the right to chastize me for improper backup procedures).