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    Script for color space conversion RGB to CMYK - URGENT Help Wanted

    Adareimages2 Level 1

      Excuse my ignorance with the basic nature of this question, I don't use InDesign, but I do have a pressing problem regarding it.


      My book publisher has just emailed to say that my photography book has been set for the printers in InDesign and the photographs have AdobeRGB color space (which was what I was aksed to send.) The printer needs the images to be in CMYK. The publisher said that he was "pretty sure Adobe Acrobat converts the InDesign files to CMYK" and that he has sent the printer RGB images in the past and they "came out OK". He said that if this will not work, he needs to convert all of the images separately to CMYK.


      Can you help with the following:


      1. Is he right about the above - can Adobe Acrobat convert the files?


      2. Can anyone offer me a script that will convert all of the images in InDesign to CMYK? or will he need to change them individually?


      Thanks for any suggestions with this urgent request.