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    [CS5/5.5] ScriptUI: Possible to add checkboxes in listitems (in a list box)?


      I have a dialog with many checkboxes. To reduce the size of the dialog, it would be nice to have a listbox, where the containing listitems have two columns – one for the name of the option, one for a checkbox. So when adding options to the dialog in the future, it is not getting bigger and bigger …


      Of course I know about the fact, that there is the possibility to make multiple selections in a listbox, but for me the handling is not appropriate.


      I looked into ScriptUI-Documentation (Object Model -> Windows-Helpfile from jongware) and for me it seems, that it is not possible, but I cannot really waive it.


      My questions are: If it is possible, where is it documented? And if you agree it is not, what could be an appropriate alternative?


      Hope somebody could help with that,