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    Files work on mac - not on PC


      I have a large amount (2,000+) video clips that were shot on a Sony Z1u and put into a Final Cut project. I have that project converted to Premiere Pro and am attempting to edit it on a PC. The files are saying that they are not supported in PPro. - "Codec missing or unavailable"


      When I checked them on a Mac they worked just fine in PPro, QuickTime and in Final cut, and they appeared to be ProRes files. I have downloaded and installed the most recent version of QuickTime on my PC and it wont let me install the apple ProRes decoder for Windows, claiming to have a more recent version built in.


      HOWEVER, I cannot see the videos when I play them in the QuickTime Player, they are completely white (but the sound DOES work). Again, these files will play just fine on a mac.


      I am running Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5 with all components updated and installed, Windows 7 64x Professional v. 6.1.7601 SP 1 Build 7601. I have a EVGA GTX570, i7 Extreme processor and 8gb of RAM. I have all the dvx and xvid codec packages as well as the Windows Essential Codec Pack.


      Here is one of the files if that might help reveal some special codec i dont know about or have overlooked -http://www.mediafire.com/?7irrtktrh6mi51z


      How can I view these files and edit with them? What additional information can I give you about them to help?


      (And in an effort to stave-off any mac vs PC debates, I have to edit on a PC.  I do not have a Mac capable of eidting this project, and I am working with 2 other editors who are also using PC workstations.)


      I also do not have access to the original tapes.  I might be able to borrow a MacBook Pro to convert the files from there, if needed, but I have tried that once, and with no success.


      Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help.  This is becoming a serious issue.