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    zend on remote server: 'could not determine temp directory' message

    las285sam Level 1

      i am working on my second php page

      • first is already on remote server and functioning correctly using dreamweaver built-in server behaviors
      • second is based on examples in book 'training from the source' by david powers, using the zend framework
        • this page is not working on the remote server. it works fine in local environment
        • have followed the instructions in the book to upload the zend framework onto my remote server, including changing the php.ini file include_path
        • on remote server i get a message, "could not determine temp directory, please specify a cache_dir manually"
          • have display_errors set to 'no' and log_errors set to 'yes', however this message shows on the php page, above the rest of the page
          • error log is not showing any entries related to this
          • when i hit the 'submit' button with all the fields empty, only the first two fields' error messages are returned


      thanks in advance for any insights!