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    Premiere 10 Serious Playback Issues...Hope Someone Can Help


      Hello - 6 days ago I upgraded from PE9 to PE10, mostly to obtain 64-bit addressability.  My workstation is powerful so it seemed a good idea to take advantage of it.  Since then, it's been a nightmare.  PE10 video playback in the monitor was quite bad - lots of shimmering and flickering.  I made my first call to Adobe 5 days ago.  That call lasted an astounding 98 minutes.  After installing a new video driver, and making several other settings changes, the problem persisted.  Interestingly, video that used to play ok in PE9 was now also shimmering (in PE9).  I sent Adobe video files and they promised to call me back within 24 hours.  In the meantime, I tested files created in six different formats by six different cameras..... only AVCHD input (from a Panasonic TM900 camcorder) had a playback problem, and only in Premiere Elements.  The files played fine in Cyberlink's Power Director, in Windows Media Player, and with all the other software I could find.   


      Adobe didn't call back, so I called them.  Another technician made a few more changes, again with no effect.  He promised someone would call within 2 hours.  Ten hours later, as I was out to dinner, Adobe called back.  It was 6:32 PM and by the time I got the message, Adobe support was closed for the weekend.  On Monday morning, I phoned again.  Another technician and more changes.  By this time, I'd spent almost 4 hrs on the phone with Adobe, and Adobe had spent those 4 hours, plus additional test time, on the problem. They said the files played fine at their end. Still no resolution.


      Yesterday afternoon in a last ditch effort to get help, I called Adobe again.  This time a supervisor answered.  In just a few minutes, he'd changed the playback quality setting to "highest" from "automatic".  This eliminated the shimmering and flickering, but even with a powerful workstation, playback was far from smooth. Perhaps the system was being burdened trying to produce "highest" playback quality?  Here's the most interesting part.... the supervisor told me Adobe doesn't support ATI graphics cards (that's what I have), and that "automatic" playback will not work with ATI cards.  Is this really true?


      Does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?


      By the way, even though playback within PE10 is bad, mpeg 1980x1020 files generated from PE10 play fine on my computer.  The same files generated in AVHCD file-format do not play well.


      Thank you.