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    Cannot Open ID 3 file in ID 5.5. Cannot Export .inx

    SwinertonMarketing Level 1

      I have a file originally created in InDesign 3 that will not open in InDesign 5.5. I happen to have ID 3 installed on my computer and use it only as a back up or when I need to save down to earlier versions from 5.5. I am able to open the file in ID 3 and thought that exporting it as an .inx file would enable me to open it in 5.5 and then do a file, save as, thus converting it to a 5.5 file. However, whenver I export as .inx the progress bar gets about 75% done then i get a force close error message:



























      After restarting ID 3 (and my computer in hopes that that would help) i tried to export as other files including PDF, xml, jpeg, and had no issues. Next I thougt that saving the file as a different name and then trying to export again would help. But when I did that I get this error:


      Followed by this error:


      I am running Microsoft 7 64 bit. The files are saved to my desktop, not a server and they are not protected or locked in any way. Does anyone have any suggestions aside from starting from scratch in ID 5.5? Even when trying to copy and paste items from ID 3 into ID 5.5 they paste as whole images, not as text or text boxes and different images.