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    Browser 'back' button not displayed

    dpmsr Level 1


      My annual RoboHelp activity begins and I am reminded how little I use it or know about it. I could use some help please.

      My Rh 7 project is built using WebHelp. When the Help is launched it is displayed in a separate IE browser window but there are no navigation controls.

      Is it possible to have the browserr back/forward buttons displayed? I don't even know if this is a RoboHelp setting, but I don't see anything in the Webhelp properties.

      The issue is I use embedded links in some topics which redirect the user to related topics (in some cases I use popups but not always).

      Once on the new page the user cannot easily return.  Right mouse click and select 'back' is available but not intuitive to some users. 

      I do appreciate and help or guidance.