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    Newer Flash Player Installer silently hangs


      When attempting to update to the current Flash Player (Win XP 32 bit, applies to both activeX for IE and plugin for FireFox) from the Player Download Center (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer), the small (e.g. install_flashplayer11x32ax_gtbd_aih.exe ~736KB) installer downloads and is saved to a folder on my disk successfully. When it is then run, it copies itself to my userids Local Settings\Temp folder, launches from there, deletes itself from the download folder, then silently (no window is opened) runs, until the process is killed or computer rebooted, without ever installing the Flash Player. It expends very little CPU time, continues to increase context switches (primarily the threads at +0x35656 and +0x69940 in the above example) and listening on 1 TCP port and 1 UDP port (port numbers vary). Uninstalling the prior player first does not change this pattern.


      For the recent 10.3 updates I was able to search awhile and find links to download the full installer versions which worked cleanly and quickly. This smaller installers from the Player Download Center are nothing but a huge time wasters as far my computers and I are concerned!!


      Off to find the new links to the version 11 installers, what a PITA!