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    Sorting in Project Panel


      Hello Premiere Pro users! I am currently transitioning from FCP to Premiere. Slowly, but surely.


      Quick question regarding the Project Panel. I'm a big fan of adding metadata to log footage. There are means of sorting by Scene, Log Notes, FPS, Tape Name and so forth, but nothing for the Shot/Take. There's an input box for it in the main metadata tab, but when projects are huge, I'd rather not click through each clip to figure which is which. Also, I'd rather not change the file name. I could probably stick it in one of the other fields, but I'm curious whether these organizational "tabs" can be added/subtracted like in FCP. Right click yields no results.


      Thanks for any help in advance!


      P.S. I'm aware that it's traditionally set up as Scene, Shot, Take, but I've been able to make it work with just two of those classifications.