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    need to print from air/flex


      Here is the situation.


      My company has a web application written in php that uses a javascript call to window.print() among some other various functionality.  The problem is some of the users are using the browser print function which then by passes all the extra stuff we have coded into the print function from the javascript call on the button in the browser.


      I thought the easiest way to get this to work was to deploy the application throgh AIR where we would not have a print from browser ability. 


      I currently have the browser portion of the app working - everything except the print which I know window.print() won't work in AIR.


      I'm using flex's <mx:html /> object to display the page.


      Inside the location is set to the server location.


      Is there anyway to override the  window.print() with a custom built air application print with out changing the code??  I want the application to still work in a regular browser if at all possible


      Any help would be greatly appreciated even if it's in a totally other direction.  Thanks in advance.

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          You can add print functionality in Flex application itself.

          Flex provides "printing" package comprised of some print AS classes for operation like printing dataGrid and printing jobs. Here you can find the print job sample.


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