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    Loving Air 3 and the Captive Runtime


      I just wanted to pass on a huge kudos to the Air team.  We just released our first product (a free iOS Web Simulator for Windows) built using Air 3 and the captive runtime (release version).  Tons of downloads, and not one singe report of an installation issue.  I know the captive runtime isn't a panacea, but being able to whip out a simple install script, and an exe/app with no dependenices and some determinism regarding the runtime is very nice indeed for our use case.


      I made sure to put a "Built with Air 3" link on our download page too  


      Electric Mobile Simulator



      Really looking forward to Flex 4.6 as well, good time to be an Adobe dev!


      Thanks again.


      Shaun Sullivan

      Electric Plum