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    unable to debug flash builder aps


      i am a web student.  i didn't have any problems with the player connecting until my Actionscript 3.0. class.  the issue starting when i tried to debug in flash builder 4.5.  i am not sure what happened but now i always have an issue trying to connect.  it doesn't matter where i'm trying to connect from.  one of three things will happen:

      • if i'm lucky, i'll connect without any issues (but still unable to debug in flash builder)
      • if i don't connect, either i get this pop-up


      • or i get this one


      (sometimes the error is different, but it is mostly this one)


      the first pop-up i showed is the one i get most often.  it doesn't matter which option i choose, localhost or other machine, it won't connect.  if for some reason it's not the first pop-up, then it's the second.  either way, different pop-up same result, i'm still unable to connect.  i have to restart the browser and hope it works the next time.  sometimes i have to restart it more than once, but normally one time will get it going.  even when i finally get it to connect, i'm still unable to debug my flash builder aps.  the ideal situation for me is to have the normal flash player for firefox and the debug version for chrome (which is where i normally run my flash builder aps).  but at this particular moment i just to be able to debug so i can complete my assignments for school.  i am already weeks behind b/c of it and i don't know how much more understanding my instructor will be.  i already posted in a flash builder forum once, but no one was able to assist me.  i have the latest version of firefox, chrome, opera, safari and ie installed. (i don't care which one i have to use to make it work, if it comes down to that)  i am running windows 7 64bit.  can someone.............anyone, please help???