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    Suggestion: varscoper in builder for script.


      I've asked this on a couple for forums and thougth I'd post it as a suggestion for the Adobe/builder team.


      Adobe is investing dev resources in making CF more CfScript friendly.  You can now declare components and functions in script.


      Best practice is to varscope your code.  This is an absolute nessasesy for code that resisedes in singletons.


      The problem is that varscoper does not work for cfScript declared functions, which means that using the new script style for component/function declarations is banned here, and no doubt at other CF shops.


      I'd like to suggest that Adobe build some sort of var scoper into Builder. 


      Idealy, this would underline/flag unscoped variables, and underline/flag unused variables, simialr to how Visual Studio deals with variables.  This data would also be available programaticly, via a builder API so that someone could write a builder plugin to iterate over an intire project.